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Odes To Life Rubber Stamp

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The Odes To Life Collection is an invitation to celebrate the art of living.

Live the [days] of your dreams, tick off your [checklist], [reward] yourself and celebrate small wins, believe in the [idea] of appreciating the slow moments regardless of [birthdays] / [anniversaries] / [congratulatory] and being content with where you are, at the end of the day.

Mark your important dates, make celebratory cards, document your lovely days, the limit is yours!

Here's an ode to your best life filled with joy, love, purpose and happiness.

Product Measurement:
Reward Medal - 2.8cm x 6.3cm
Speech Bubble - 2.8cm x 4.5cm
Days - 1.6cm x 4.0cm
Extraordinary Ideas - 1.6cm x 4.0cm
Checklist - 1.6cm x 4.0cm
Congratulations - 1.6cm x 4.0cm
Happy Anniversary - 1.6cm x 4.0cm
Happy Birthday - 1.6cm x 4.0cm