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Let It Snow Rubber Stamp

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Jieyanow Atelier is bringing their signature La Luna back, in a smaller, more adorable version with an icy, snowy topping on the rubber stamp's wooden handle. The Moon, as if seen from the Earth; capable to stamp images of the successive changes in appearance (phases) of Moon in a month. The limit is yours!

Pair it together with a Sloth, the extremely slow but happiest animal on earth. A perfect reminder to always Hang In There, slow down, appreciate little things and enjoy this beautiful life that we are in. You will definitely get to where you need to go. Slowly, but surely.

May this moon energy and the happiest creature on Earth manifest the abundance and miracles you have been asking for.

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year 2024!

Hang In There | Red Top | Sloth
La Luna | White Top | Moon

38mm diameter x 20mm height